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Why this dirty, ridiculous 'room' can get more than 100 reviews and 4.5 out of 5 on AirBnb?

Have you imagined yourself living the life of Harry Potter? What's the Oddest Airbnb you've ever lived on? There is a girl from the UK who just had an experience in New York staying in the Harry Potter Theme Airbnb".

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On August 29, 2019, a tweet from a travel blogger Zoe (@ _zoe93) posted footage on social media with the caption” Look at my Airbnb room in Brooklyn looooool.”

Let me give you a brief introduction. This closet is Zoe's "B & B" in Brooklyn, New York, which was booked on Airbnb for 30 pounds a night. Dirty blankets and camp mattresses were hidden in the home's stairwell. It can be said that it is worse than Harry Potter in his childhood. After all, Harry's room still has a bed.

This tweet caused bunches of people to retweet and discuss, making everyone shout and feel unbelievable. Airbnb came forward to follow up and help Zoe coordinate the refund.

Of course, Zoe, the backpacker, later admitted that she did book this place just before departure because it was cheap. And when it comes to labor day holidays, she is fully prepared for this price of Airbnb, but the gap between ideal and reality is still beyond her imagination.

Incredibly, when netizens dug into the specific situation of this Airbnb room, they found that such a listing, equivalent to RMB 240 a night, has a 4.5 out of five-star rating on the site based on 104 reviews.

- What makes this poorly room rated so high?

Although this room is in poor condition, it has done two things well:

Real listing description

Privacy is OK

Although it is just a stairwell, it is a stairwell with a door and a lock. The title of the listing is [Super-economic listings will take you on a New York adventure.] Although this listing is unavailable now, according to mostly positive reviews, the photos, and descriptions of the listings are consistent. No problem at all!

What's more, it is said that "the space is small, but it is safe and tidy, and it is the best place to stay in New York!" The main problem that Zoe complained about was because the landlord was negligent, and the room was not cleaned when she checked in. This is also the main reason it needs to issue a refund to Zoe. Therefore, if the landlord is wrong, the only mistake he makes is that the room cleanness is not resolved.

- Does this kind of listing really have people to book?

When you hear about Zoe's experience, you may feel that she is unlucky to run into such a listing, but what if I tell you that there is a constant customer book this listing? So the landlord needs to be very clear about his customer persona.

The landlord's description of the room is very carefully written. It is described as "ideal for backpackers and other budget travelers who are comfortable sleeping on a self-inflating camping pad with another camping pad underneath."

The more detailed and accurate the description, the more the landlord can find the right guest on the platform as quickly as possible.

- This kind of condition can still list $40 per night?

For Airbnb hosts, price is one of the magic weapons to win! The main reason for this listing can list $40 per night is because of the following points: [Brooklyn] [Urgent booking] [Labor day holiday]. These are the reasons for $40 per night even for renting a closet with a dirty camping mat. So it can be said that the price adjustment measures for this listing are well done.

- Conclusion

If you are still unfamiliar with the price adjustment strategy on Airbnb, or if you have any questions you want to consult, we have a professional price adjustment system based on market big data and in-depth analysis based on conditions such as season, region, and surrounding events. For details, please call: 415-297-9064

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