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The most interesting and weird airbnb, do you want to try?

Dog-themed House

Living in the beagle's belly

Pictures from Airbnb

This dog-themed house in Cottonwood, Iowa is definitely a must for dog lovers. From the outside, the house looks like a giant beagle. The owner of this lovely villa is an old couple who loves dogs and is also very handy. Many dogwood carvings in the house are their own hands made.

Here you can stay with your dog, the lawn and dog snacks are all available. But a friendly reminder for everyone, this listing is extremely hot. This villa has only two rooms and is located in a remote location, an absolutely remote village. However, because of the affordable price, the average price is about 900 yuan per night, and the house booking is very hot ... You must book early if you are in love with it!

Bubble House in the Forest

Starry sky and privacy cannot have both

Pictures from Airbnb

For many friends who are full of longing for the starry sky, if there is such a forest dream cottage, you can sleep in the fragrance of birds and flowers, and open the eyes to the starry sky. Do you want to choose it without hesitation? None of this is a dream. France's Durna Zac has such a bubble star room.

But after reading his house introduction, I still murmured. Sleeping in the transparent bubbles has the starry sky to admire, which is naturally beautiful. Is it not only that the starry sky is noisy when it rains? And the indoor part only has a toilet. Can it be understood that the privacy of this listing is near zero? At the same time, the fence of this listing looks really short from the pictures. For insecure tenants, it is very likely that they can't stay around at night.

Facing the sea, in the conch

Beautiful conch villa with an unreal sea view

Pictures from Airbnb

Conch Villa, as the name suggests, is a super-style white conch-shaped villa. This villa is located on the island of Isla Mujeres in Mexico. It has a long and narrow coastline and is just a few steps away from the villa.

Not only is the scenery fantastic, but the interior of the villa is also just as fantastic. The whole villa is dominated by white, and almost all decorative items are made of shells and conch. From the bedside design in the bedroom to the vanity mirror in the bathroom, people may mistakenly think that he/she had crossed into the Aqua-Man empire.

What is more dreamy than the villa itself? It's his price. The fairy-tale villa that can accommodate four people at the same time only costs 2200 yuan a night, which is why it is basically sold out by the scheduled date before June this year.

Living in the Aquarium

Pictures from Airbnb

We saw all kinds of Airbnbs, under the stars, in the bubbles, in the forest, on the snow. So do you want to experience underwater accommodation? The aquarium located under the Eiffel Tower in Paris can satisfy you. In this NIGHT AT event created by Airbnb, you can stay in a bedroom with a depth of ten meters underwater, a bathroom, a breakfast room, and other facilities. The only difference is that your room is located in the Shark Pavilion. The room's 360-degree fully transparent glass walls help you reach dozens of different types of sharks from zero distance. You are so brave, it is definitely an unforgettable experience!

Lego Theme Airbnb

Pictures from Airbnb

Lego Childish Journey, also part of the NIGHT AT event founded by Airbnb, has attracted widespread attention once it was launched in Denmark. I believe that people who have been to Lego theme park are not a small number. It is enough to be happy in the ocean of toys, let alone you will live in a house made entirely of Lego.

Lego tables, Lego chairs, Lego cabinets, Lego beds, and even the walls are all portraits of Lego made by Lego. The guests who stay always feel that beauty is a bit unreal. By the way, please rest assured that interested friends, the mattress is of normal material, otherwise I do n’t think normal people can sleep well. Because the current NIGHT AT series activities have ended, this Lego cottage is also closed, but the official said that such a cottage will continue to bring you a wonderful staying experience in the future.

Open-air accommodation experience

Earlier, we had a story about a British girl who lived in a stairwell in Brooklyn, New York at a low price.

This time, the lowest price was refreshed again at $ 11.5 per night. I was shocked when I saw this listing: a mattress in an abandoned parking lot. Not to mention the house, there is no wall. The landlord put the bedside table, bookshelf and desk lamp very intimately ... What's the use! !! At present it seems that this listing has been taken down recently ... This is also inevitable. Now Airbnb officially requires the listing to be equipped with smoke alarms and other safety facilities.

Dream Igloo

Pictures from the Internet, copyright belongs to the original author

It's another listing that has been removed recently. When the time comes again, it depends on whether the homeowner is willing to take it again. After all, spring is here and the snow is clear. This is an igloo located in Austria. The exact location can't be found because it is off the shelf, but it doesn't matter. The next time the homeowner is willing to take it is not necessarily. This igloo is priced at $ 60 per night. There are almost no facilities in it. It feels completely unsuitable to stay. It is only suitable for a lovely experience.

1930's Gingerbread Hut in Hawaii

Jimi Hendrix's rock spirit forever

Pictures from Airbnb

This "Gingerbread Hut" in the jungle of Maui, Hawaii looks like the traces of time. Decades of time have not made him dull, on the contrary, the story of Jimi Hendrix, the greatest electric guitar master in history, stayed here, filling the cabin with the soul of rock.

Jimi Hendrix's musical career lasted only four years, but he left indelible marks in the history of music: in 2003 and 2011, he was selected as the world's number one guitar player by the Top 100 guitarists of Rolling Stone Magazine. Numerous music fans have followed in the footsteps of such a musical genius, which is why a small forest house Airbnb listing has been sold out to the end of this year.

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