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Short Term Rental Management

Fill Your Vacancies with Short Term Rental Management

Would you like to take the work out of marketing, cleaning, and booking your short term rental? At Lucas Rentals based out of Daly City, CA, we offer the short term property management near me that can improve your profits, reduce vacancies, and even see to the day-to-day business of turning your condo, home, or boutique hotel into a moneymaker.

Dynamic Pricing Adjusts for Local Demand

We always keep an eye on the local hotel and short term rental market to make sure that your overnight rate remains competitive. When rentals are in high demand due to holidays, conventions, and peak tourist periods, we automatically adjust rates so you benefit from the bump in local business. We are able to negotiate longer rental terms that are attractive to guests that wish to extend their stay.

24/7 Guest Support Encourages the Curious to Book Now

When you work with our short term rental management program, you are able to offer your guests added conveniences such as 24/7 live support. They receive answers from a real person immediately instead of relying on texts and emails during your busy work day. You are free to live your life and potential clients encounter hotel-quality service.

Maid Services Ensure a Quick Turn Around

Upgrade to short term property management near me and let us do the dirty work. Part of our program includes reliable maid services that are ready to clean up after every guest and allow your next booking to keep the property occupied. We can also help you keep the coffee station, paper goods, and cleaning products stocked, leaving one more thing off your daily to-do list.

Would you like to learn more about how Lucas Rentals can increase profits from your rental property? Give us a click or call today for more details.

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