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Manage My Airbnb

Manage My Airbnb and Increase Annual Profits

Is your Airbnb property empty? When you work with Lucas Rentals and our Airbnb Management services, we are able to optimize your occupancy rates without demanding any more of your time. As a professional co-host, we are able to answer client questions, pair people with the perfect accommodation, and open up opportunities for you to take advantage of busy travel seasons.

Open Your Home on Your Schedule--We Handle the Rest

Use our easy scheduling app and select when your property is open to guests with a simple click. Did your schedule change and you need to use the unit for the weekend or the month? When you let us manage your Airbnb, we will send out the maids before you arrive, check the supplies, and block and further guests from signing up on your time. You are left to pocket the profits while we do all the grunt work.

We Notify You of Upcoming High Demand Seasons

Is your unit situated in the Tahoe or San Francisco area? With years of experience under our belts, we know when peak tourist season is around the corner and which conventions pair with high demand for short term rentals. Our dynamic pricing system will suggest increases and reductions in conjunction with peak travel seasons so your unit has a better chance of being booked all year long.

Maid Service, Supplies, and Decor--We Do It All

If your Airbnb unit is looking tired after a few years of welcoming guests, we can help you dress it up again with decor and furniture services. Our handyman is available to fix the loose cabinet, paint the porch, or repair the ceiling lights. Our maid services ensure that every guest arrives to a spotless and relaxing rental unit.

Give us a ring today and learn more about our Airbnb Management services today.

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